A little history

The first generation of QuikClean in-floor cleaning was developed in the USA more than four decades ago. Thanks to QuikClean’s remarkable innovation it became possible for a pool to clean itself and be so easy to maintain that the popularity of the system increased rapidly.

The QuikClean brand spread throughout the world and has proudly been distributed and supported in Australia by Cooke Industries since 2006. At Cooke Industries we’re a strong family company with traditional family values and because we’ve been a part of the swimming pool industry since 1978, we’re the in-floor cleaning experts.

Since becoming the Australian distributor for QuikClean we have worked tirelessly alongside our manufacturing partners in the USA to ensure QuikClean is recognised as the world’s most advanced in-floor cleaning system. Together, we have redeveloped and refined every component within the QuikClean range and we continuously invest in research and development to ensure we deliver on our promise of absolute quality.

The current QuikClean range is the fourth generation of in-floor cleaning systems and we’re proud to offer you, the pool owner, the choice of three superior systems, each designed for your particular site and lifestyle requirements.

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