QuikClean is all about you.
Your pool, your lifestyle, YOU.

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QuikClean is all about you.
Your pool, your lifestyle, YOU.

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QuikClean is all about you.
Your pool, your lifestyle, YOU.

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With QuikClean it’s all about you

Make life easy, choose a QuikClean system and ensure your new pool is an intelligent, self-cleaning pool. QuikClean systems are the world’s most advanced and are individually designed to suit your particular site and lifestyle requirements.

Intelligent QuikClean systems sweep and remove debris from your pool automatically, ensuring the pool remains clean and the water well circulated. And a well circulated pool requires fewer treatments, improves heating efficiency and is more enjoyable to swim in.

QuikClean offers a choice of systems to suit your every need – heavy debris sites, affordability, aesthetics and unrivalled energy efficiency.

With QuikClean it’s all about you, select a system below for further information.

Your new pool should be everything you want it to be. It should suit your lifestyle, your expectations and your preference for features such as energy efficiency and automation, as well as being a stylish and exciting addition to your backyard.

QuikClean is the first in-floor cleaning system which can be designed and tailored to suit your exact needs. We have three distinct systems with a range of features designed to appeal to your unique expectations, personality and site requirements.

We proudly offer you the flexibility of choice so your new self-cleaning pool is exactly what you want it to be. Remember, with QuikClean, it’s all about you.

Select from our systems below to learn more about each system and decide which one is best suited to you and your new pool.

How does QuikClean work?

Better for your family, your wallet, and the environment.

Healthy for your family

QuikClean’s advanced technology dramatically improves circulation, ensuring your pool water is always clean, fresh and healthy.

Save time and money

QuikClean systems clean your pool automatically so you save money and spend more time enjoying your pool with family and friends.

Complete efficiency

Powerful cleaning combined with unrivalled efficiency means your pool will use less energy and be better for the environment.

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