An effortlessly clean and healthy pool is simple with the QuikClean Plus in-floor cleaning system. You will maintain all the great circulation and ease-of-cleaning benefits of the standard QuikClean system whilst enjoying the added benefit of improved energy efficiency.

Experience an effortlessly healthy pool

Rather than use a standard suction skimmer, QuikClean Plus uses the QuikSkim venturi skimmer to generate additional skimming power. QuikSkim uses just 20-30 l/min of return-side water to generate a skimming action equal to 300 l/min. QuikSkim is the only skimmer that can fully exploit the potential of variable speed pumps and genuinely reduce your power costs.

An added benefit of the QuikSkim venturi skimmer and the QuikClean Plus system is that full pump suction is drawn from the debris removal drain. This action improves the drain’s effectiveness because suction is not being shared between the drain and skimmer.

Upgrade to a QuikClean Plus system and combine with a variable speed pump to significantly reduce energy costs.

System Components

The QuikClean Plus in-floor cleaning system combines a comprehensive clean with improved energy efficiency by incorporating the QuikSkim venturi skimmer. Flexibility and performance are assured with a host of quality components and your choice of two very effective drain options:

PDR2 Drain

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ASVC Drain

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QuikSkim Venturi Skimmer

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LeafVac Debris Canister

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Wave Water Valve

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Gamma 4 Cleaning Head

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