All QuikClean systems offer your new swimming pool a superior and effortless clean. However, if you value a system with improved looks and unrivalled energy efficiency, QuikClean Xtreme is the system for you.

Superior cleaning power with less energy

Discover the joy and ease of a self-cleaning pool that is more powerful and more efficient than any other.

With its exclusive venturi-powered cleaning heads, QuikClean Xtreme is the only system purposely designed for variable speed pumps, meaning you benefit from additional power and superior cleaning whilst using less energy.

Incomparable style

QuikClean Xtreme is a class above the rest.

Its advanced venturi technology means you’ll need less cleaning heads in your pool and the impressive AVSC drain features an optional tile/ pebble lid so it blends seamlessly with your pool interior.

System Components

Achieving a superior clean is easy with a QuikClean in-floor cleaning system in your new pool. The standard QuikClean system features the following quality components and gives you the added choice of two very effective drain options:

AVSC Drain

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Venturi Skimmer

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Debris Canister

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Water Valve

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G4V HP Cleaning Head

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